Our Business

How we activate

Without access to data, insurers will not be able to directly and accurately target their offerings to customers. For insurers to retain and grow market share, it will be important to understand these needs and present customers with tailored solutions via their preferred channels.


1. Marketplace

ROI in the value of marketplace as a result of extra revenue generated and proven business model

2. Financial Services

Revenue share generated from by the introduction of Financial Services

3. 3RD Parties

We continue monitoring data received from our marketplaces and using this data we will be in a position to create other revenue opportunities by introducing 3rd party offerings


1. Business To Business

Activator for our corporate clients. Volume bases delivering management services, product and diversifying income streams

2. Business To Consumer

Focused services for the individual. Fully automated bundled product delivery with option of ad-hoc use on UBI/pay-as-you-use basis

3. Freemium/White-labeled

Volume bases UNLOCK growth potential via dedicated white-labeled Eco-System. Freemium access to all marketplace tools and product integration.



Cash flow from sale of 1st Party products & 3rd party services sold


Monthly annuity income from platform fees generated from sale of Financial Services & 3rd Party products


Incremental on-balance sheet growth – any marketplace becomes its own desirable ecosystem

Our team

16 years experience in the Insurance industry & creation of bespoke volume and affinity insurance product design.

30 years experience within IT, technology, development & Cloud solutions.

6 years spent in research & methodology putting together the IP to re-engineer the way insurance can be done.

James Perris

Having successfully engineered initiatives for multinational/listed entities, James founded (and subsequently sold) one of SA’s first Financial Service Intermediaries purely focused on Volume & Affinity. His sole focus now is the delivery of Insurance via Technology to volume bases. He has served on various boards alongside some of SA’s most seasoned business minds who have mentored and challenged him to grow in every area.

Craig Clutty

A Seasoned Entrepreneur/Brandtrepreneur establishing  & managing some leading brands and businesses since 1991. Craig’s passion lies in establishing strong partnerships, managing relationships effectively, he simplifies structures  and operations for efficient delivery of products/services and has done so for a wide-range of client bases. He is a member of the of the Institute of Directors of South Africa and an Honorary Golden Key graduate from University of Pretoria for his contribution to uplifting education in Africa.

Francois Liebenberg

Schooled in business but in love with technology, Francois brings a wealth of both corporate and start-up experience to the team.

He has a history consulting in Tier 1 banks across the globe, lectures part-time in Fintech and Venture Capital programmes at the University of Oxford and is involved in an Ed-tech venture called SmartFunder.
His role includes strategy, analytical thinking and positioning of business to the right partners and investors.