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Alignment is critical for us before we engage with any potential partner, we have an entrepreneurial holistic mindsets that brings loads of energy and a fresh approach to financial services!

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Financial services

You are a financial services provider looking to sell your services/products or want to enter the Insuretech space.  We can provide direct access to distribution  marketplaces

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Global Strategy

Partners looking for a global strategy, or you have access to  existing global networks enabling us to expand our marketplaces and our partners offerings globally

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You have an existing marketplace with a direct to consumer approach, or a subject matter expert with a niche offering we can design a financial services strategy to monetise and scale your business

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Distribution Network

You have access to large distribution network and sales channels and need us to bring a financial service strategy to leverage and profit from this.

Why Tribe?

Marketplaces and new sales channels and opportunities identified continuously.

Tribe is well positioned to access and leverage new distribution channels & annuity revenue.

Scalable Insurance penetration and proven business models.

Entrepreneurial team that will disrupt the way financial services and digital products are delivered

Opportunity to get involved in a business that is taking its share of the multi billion Rand financial services industry

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